About Bonnie

This is the place where you get to know me. I like informal, so pretend we are sitting across from each other in a cafe, chatting and indulging in a sinful dessert.

As a fun introduction, here are some facts about my birth year: Gas was 28¢ per gallon, Wal-Mart opened its first store, Andy Warhol painted a can of soup, the Rolling Stones made their debut, Marilyn Monroe died from a supposed drug overdose ( I have my own conspiracy theory about that), and the first silicone breast implant was used. I share my birth year with Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jim Carrey, Sheryl Crow, John Bon Jovi, Jodie Foster, Steve Carell, Ally Sheedy, and Steve Irwin. I share my birthday ( November 7) with Joni Mitchell, Billy Graham, Marie Curie, Johnny Rivers, Christopher Knight, Jeremy & Jason London, and Tommy Thayer.

I’m a writer, as you have probably deduced by the site. I write historical romance, time travel romance, and paranormal suspense. My love for the written word began early with my favorite children’s book, The Happy Lion. Like all writers, reading sparked the notion that I too had stories to tell.

My initial interest in romance came from the allure of a suitcase of Harlequins. My granny used to visit us every summer, and she would always have a supply of romance novels in her Samsonite. After her favorite soap opera, it was time to read. Granny and I read romance in our quiet time together. As I read, I looked at the cover every now and then and imagined my name there. I still love reading romance, but now I enjoy writing them as well.

My writing journey began during my daughter’s naptime when she was a toddler. I was the typical stay-at-home mom with the dream of authordom (this is a recognized word in my vocabulary). I wanted to write romance, but since I was a mom, I tried writing for children. Many rejection letters later, my daughter started school and I joined the workforce to pay for her education. I gave up my dream of writing, but there was a nagging little voice that kept saying I should try again. I decided to give romance a spin since I was a fan of the genre. I had quite a few novel attempts that I would only use as doorstops or coasters until I absorbed a lot of helpful writing instruction from published authors. When I wrote My Runaway Bride, I knew it was a good story because it made me laugh and cry as I wrote it…It still does.

I now have several works in progress including a paranormal suspense series set in Louisiana. With this series, I pay homage to the wonderful people who made Cajunville my home for four years.

I reside in my native state of South Carolina with my husband of 30+ years and 2 cats. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, and HeartLA, the Louisiana chapter of RWA. I hope you enjoy my books and my site. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. I appreciate the feedback and will respond to you on my Ask Bonnie page.